I am working on bringing forth radically human-centered technology. Radically, as opposed to superficially human centric (or human friendly, which is the most common buzzword in these matters). Such superficially human friendly systems typically involves a vast imbalance of power, between those who own the platforms and those who uses/are used by them. They tend to perpetuate polemic and conflict by way of design. They are also not only compatible with, but completely built around, unsustainable growth dependent capitalism.

I want to, in contrast to this, be a part of creating prosocial systems that will respect integrity, that are socially as well as ecologically sustainable and will facilitate trust and cooperation between humans.

I have published a blog, that consists of parts of the log I have been keeping during my explorations regarding the construction of intelligent machines and I also have the webpage code.arvidmarklund.org that describes the digital prototypes that I am currently involved in developing.

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